I have a new site and platform! This one was outdated and stress inducing. Soooooo for all my disorganized reviews go see me at twoamreaders.wordpress.com!

Love you blogspot, but wordpress is a lil easier for me in my hectic life.

This is a book review blog for lovers of YA and books. The people who love the stories and stay up until the crack of dawn to finish them.

Me. I am Mariesa, a book addict. I also write, hoping to pursue publication for full novels one day. My piece of short fiction, Seven Minutes can be found in the anthology published by Charon Coin Press entitled Paying the Ferryman.

Overall, all I will be posting about is all the books that I read, and any other recommendations that are requested. My other blog can be found here, where you will find more about me and all my other thoughts and adventures in writing and art. (Note: I post a lot less frequent on that blog. But it exists)

On that note, you should know that as much as I love books, I also do tackle jobs, writing, and school. So. Don't expect a schedule. I'll post when I finish a book, which can be as frequent as within the span of a few days or a few weeks. Life, amiright?


The Lightning Thief
The Scorpio Races
Shadow and Bone
Dealing with Dragons
The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories
The Fault in Our Stars
Siege and Storm
Half Bad
In the Shadow of Blackbirds
The Last Dragonslayer
The Book Thief
Falling In
The Wee Free Men
13 Treasures
Home of the Brave
A Dogs Life: The Autobiography of a Stray
Tiger Lily

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Rating system:

Every blog I will post the following: 

Genre: How I would categorize it.
Feelings: Emotions created from the book
Cuteness: Any romance or things like that.
Fast pacing: Pacing, in case you're looking for a slow or fast paced book.
Series: Series or not?
Read if you like: Who I would recommend it for.
Content: Any suggestive content, for readers steering clear of that stuff.
In summary... Summarizing the synopsis in one sentence.
Thoughts: All the little tidbits that stuck with me...basically what I will continue to think about when the book comes up.
Trigger Warning: Sensitive, or potentially triggering subjects
Messages: The messages/lessons in this book.

Rating: How many out of five stars


Five stars: Adored in
Four stars: Loved it
Three stars: Liked it
Two stars: It was okay?
One star: why

After that I will break down the CHARACTERS, the PLOT AND WRITING, and then MESSAGES AND OTHER. Review format is subject to change.

I will greatly appreciate any followers! Enjoy!

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